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The Golden Gup does his thing!NOT ALL DJ'S ARE THE SAME! Let's face it: the majority of mobile jocks are part-timers or sub-contractors for other, more successful DJs. That might be fine for a casual party, but why take the chance on a large event, or even more important, YOUR WEDDING RECEPTION! The many thousands of dollars spent on an elegant affair for 200 people GO DOWN THE TUBE if the music is wrong!

The music entertainment is the centerpiece for your entire affair. It sets the mood and the spirit for your party. You've seen what happens when the presentation is shoddy, the music distorted or TOO LOUD for the room or the MC out of tune with your guests. DON'T LET IT HAPPEN TO YOU! Gup does NOT work with computers and MP3's - all his music is CD - FULL WAVE so you get the best sound and presentation possible! How often have you been at an event where the DJ has been staring down into his laptop all night?! If you want a TRUE nostalgia trip - Gup also has a huge comprehensive collection of VINYL that he can spin for your corporate theme night, 50's sock hop, costume party etc. for those who want the REAL DEAL!

The huge experience that Gup has assures you you've made the right choice for the success of your party!


A section of the Golden Gup's vast music library, an oldies fan's heaven!


The GOLDEN GUP has a HUGE vinyl library too!



Our links page lists some of the other professionals we've grown to respect over the years, too!

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