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Gup's Links, Thanks and Awards--

Links to the Golden Gup's regular venues & cool things:

Gup's Party Jukes ®, Party Jukebox rentals in the Greater Northern New Jersey area.

If you love the music and want to learn to dance to it - Lulu at Fishtail Social Dance Lessons will teach you! She's qualified (a rarity these days) and has been doing it for over 30 years! Learn to shag, lindy, swing, cha cha, samba or shim sham!

If you like song lists, this is the site for you! Lots of fun! Check out the "Car Song" list and the "100 Greatest Halloween Party" list that Gup compiled for the site at!

Bob "T Bone" Williams, one of the few DJ's we link to, respect and recommend! We love you, Tee-Bee!

Jackie Navin, one of the few DJ's we link to, respect and recommend! You're a great guy, Jackie!

Gup DJ's at Lead East, World's Largest 50's Party, Labor Day Weekend!

Fairway Productions, producers of the Lead East videos from 1993 - 2004. Thanks for the link, Bob!

We LOVE Jan Findlay - one of the most talented women we know. If you like GREAT music, especially classic jazz, you'll love her too!

Bobby K is our great friend and rhythm-beatin' Rhythmhancer! Check out his band (and, if you ever get the chance, his fried chicken...!)

Check out the great website of the heppest cats in the business: Mitch Woods! "Jukebox Drive" courtesy of Mitch Woods and Blind Pig Records (Mitchrich Music, BMI).

Great food and a great time can be had at the Exchange in Rockaway, NJ - one of Gup's favourite places to be!

Thanks to the disgustingly talented David Forman for the use of the wonderful Little Isidore and the Inquisitors tracks on this website! WE LOVE YOU SO!!!

Our love and thanks go out to Gary "Gotta Gotta" Lovett - truly a wonderful guy, great friend and POWERHOUSE on stage! Check out his website and music - you won't be sorry!

You want to know the band who put the ROCK in ROCKABILLY? Check out our friends The Razorbacks - if you ain't heard 'em, you ain't lived!!

Wanna ROCKIN' BAND? You won't find a better three piece than SHARP EDGE - not only are they great guys and great musicians but they're the BEST party band! Check them out as regulars at the Great Notch in Little Falle, NJ and visit their website!

Joel Katz has sung with pretty much everyone from the Brooklyn Bridge to Aaron Neville, the Cliftonaires, Johnny Maestro & Eugene Pitt of the Jive Five. Not only that, he's an experienced recording engineer and producer. Check out his website!






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